TimberTech Story: Emma & Peter

Welcome to Peter & Emma’s Family Poolside Retreat

When Southern California couple Peter and Emma wanted to build a poolside deck that was beautifully designed and safe for bare feet, they turned to
TimberTech. Featuring durable, cooler-to-the-touch deck boards with realistic wood looks, TimberTech decking gave them the performance they needed with the resort ready look they wanted.

Portrait of TimberTech customers Peter and Emma

Meet Peter and Emma

SoCal residents Peter and Emma have two children and lots of family and friends nearby. When designing their outdoor living space, hosting their loved ones in a beautifully designed space was top of mind. So they sought out decking material that would give them an inviting, functional poolside gathering spot while being easy to maintain.

Their choice? TimberTech decking in English Walnut, which delivered on the zen-wow look and feel they were looking for.

TimberTech is worry-free, it’s great for our family, and it’s easy to maintain.

Hear Why Peter & Emma Chose TimberTech

When designing their backyard space, Peter was passionate about choosing Ipe hardwood because he had been after the attractive, high-end look for years. Meanwhile, Emma wanted a pool deck that could endure the heat of the California sun while being low maintenance for easy cleanup. Ipe’s touted beauty and durability made it seem like the perfect choice. 

However, as they explored Ipe as an option for their deck build, the problems became evident. Not only would Ipe require maintenance like sanding and oiling, but it would still inevitably fade to gray — and on top of that? They learned Ipe logging was devastating to the environment.   

So, what now?  

Enter TimberTech decking in English Walnut.

The rich, multi-tonal color of the boards gave Peter the same sought-after look as Ipe hardwood, while the capped polymer material delivered the durability and low maintenance Emma was after.  

To Peter’s delight, the sophisticated, rich natural coloring of English Walnut offers attractive contrast to the white rocks and bright blue pool water giving the space a resort-like atmosphere.  

For Emma, the high-quality thoughtfully engineered decking material gave her peace of mind with its cooler-to-the-touch and slip resistance technology. So friends and family can enjoy their time by the pool without worry. 

Thanks to TimberTech, Peter and Emma get the beautiful outdoor living space they want with the performance they need.  

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The Decking:
English Walnut

Peter and Emma chose English Walnut capped polymer decking from the TimberTech AZEK® Vintage Collection® because of its remarkable similarity in color and texture to Brazilian Ipe. Plus, they don’t have to worry about the costs or struggles that come with maintaining expensive hardwood. 

[TimberTech] … looks like the Brazilian [Ipe] hardwood that we were interested in putting in the backyard.


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Embrace Beachside Style Inspiration

Bright, natural beach tones are the focus of Peter and Emma’s backyard deck design. The crisp blue pool water paired with the neutral white and gray stones and deep brown Ipe-inspired decking evoke the look and feel of an inviting ocean-side oasis.

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